Working at Accenture: “A Day in the Life”

by Asif Khan

I really liked my previous job as a Virtualization and Cloud Specialist at EMC. So when recruiters used to call me, I always politely declined stating I was very happy with my current job.

The call from Accenture was a little different: “we are not looking to recruit. We want to network with ‘high potential’ individuals for future opportunities…blah blah blah” What hooked me was when they said that they are looking for people with deep technology backgrounds who are ready to take their career to the next level and apply that knowledge to solving hard business problems.

As a friend puts it, “you know the what, you need to learn the how and why” of using technology. Made sense to me.

One very short month later, I was saying goodbye to my vFriends and flying up to Seattle for Accenture’s New Hire Orientation. Damn they’re good!

Last week, I celebrated my six month anniversary with Accenture. The honeymoon period is officially over now so I can look back and give an objective view of what it’s like working for one of the largest consulting firms in the world.

The Interview Process

Accenture receives over 2 million applications per year worldwide and hires less than 10,000. Which basically means that they are very good at screening applicants quickly and moving the ones they want through the interview process just as quickly. I would describe the hiring process as selective and ruthlessly efficient.

In one week, I went through a battery of phone interviews which assessed my technical knowledge, communication skills, problem solving ability, work ethic, cultural fit and leadership skills. Every interviewer was completely prepared and experienced in interviewing techniques. It was a tough but fair process…and quick. The following week, I was invited to New York for a final interview with Senior Executives.

The Final Interview

I assumed the interview in NY would be mostly an easy “cultural fit” type interview with executives since most final interviews tend to be that way…and because I had already been so thoroughly grilled the prior week. I was wrong.

Accenture Senior Executives interview candidates every Friday from 8am to 5pm and the schedule is run with military precision. I was told that my interview would be precisely from 2pm to 3pm. This would give me plenty of time to catch a 6pm flight home. I showed up one hour early and was asked to wait in a conference room with several other candidates nervously awaiting their interviews.

2 o’clock on the dot, I was escorted into a small office where I was introduced to two executives. I was immediately impressed that they had actually read my resume(!) and were prepared to ask some specific questions about my experiences.

At first, they asked me some simple questions about my background. But the follow up questions to my responses quickly made me realize that there was no way to bluff my way through this. I had better be prepared to back up every word on my CV…

Next, I was asked to whiteboard my approach to a hypothetical client’s request for a storage consolidation assessment. I was peppered with lots of who?-, why?-, why not?- and what else?-type questions.

After that, I was asked a series of technical questions like “define a pivot table in Excel”, “explain a key difference between zoning and LUN masking” and “describe the key advantages and disadvantages of virtualization”.

But the most diabolical question was: “If I type “” into my browser explain what happens at each of the seven layers of the OSI model after I hit ENTER.” Gulp.

It was 2:55 now. As we were wrapping up the hardest interview I ever had, one of the interviewers asked me, “where is home for you?” By now, I was trying to decipher the intent behind every question. My response: “I currently live in San Diego but my home is wherever my work and family are. My family is my wife, my 4 year old son…and my 14 guitars.”

If I were to pick one answer which landed me the job, that was probably it! But not for the reason you’re thinking…it turned out that my main interviewer had a Ph.D. in music. This launched a 20-30 minute conversation about guitars while the next candidate was waiting for his turn to interview…so much for military precision!

We regrettably had to cut our conversation short because I had a flight to catch. I thought the interview was hard but as I was to soon learn, it was a can o’ corn compared to finding a cab to JFK from midtown Manhattan late Friday afternoon!

After 45 sweat-inducing minutes trying to flag a cab, I was finally on my way. If the traffic were merely miserable on the L.I.E., I would barely make it. And if there was an accident or road work, FUGGEDABOUDIT!

I was a nervous wreck the whole way. I was desperate to make my flight and had not yet digested the events that just transpired…when my phone rang. Accenture offered me the job before my cab even hit the Van Wyck Expressway!

Since I was so certain I had blown the interview, I asked the recruiter what would have happened if they had decided to pass on me. He said, “I would have waited til Monday to call you.” Now THAT is a well-oiled recruiting machine. :-)

I referred a friend to Accenture recently. She was hired just this past week. Her interview experience was very similar to mine but even more efficient. She didn’t have to fly to NY for the final interview. She had a telepresence interview from San Francisco and then received her offer the same day.


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  1. Hi Asif,

    Thanks for providing such useful insights about Accenture. Hats off to your efforts!!

    I have recently received an offer from Accenture Digital in India(which was earlier Accenture consulting ofcourse) as grade 9 consultant.
    However, I want to enquire about the following:-

    1) I got to know that Accenture consulting in India is more of outsourcing/ offshoring.So, that means you might be working for a project in US but Accenture US consultants might front end the project and we will work on offshore mode. This appears to be more of a kpo or offshore work than pure play consulting.
    However, we are told that we will be a part of global resource pool of consultants and on project to project basis, they will allocate us be it on offshore or onshore projects.Could you please elaborate on what exactly is the business model for offshore consulting geographies like India??
    2) If this is consulting, is there separate entity working as KPO??
    I was told its there services wing.Their nomenclature is different..starts from level A n so on..


    1. Prateek, first of all congratulations on getting the offer from Accenture Digital. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the organization in India. I once met the MD in charge of India consulting practice and he did tell me that there are indeed consulting roles in India that are independent of US but I did not get much detail beyond that.

      Luckily, we have an active community here that visit this website and have frequently answered questions like this from other visitors. Hopefully, someone with knowledge of the organization in India will read this and respond. Best of luck to you.

  2. so..i lasted about 3 months at Accenture Malaysia…it wasn’t like how it was described to me and also how it has been in that 3 months..I am an experienced hire of 12 years experience and a senior manager in my previous position..over here, I was part of a project team to do core banking DC migration, and I have done DC migration in the past, but over here, I am being tasked to do QA (english grammatical QA to be exact), to do some sort of assistance in ensuring the team understands what need to be achieved and etc…I was brought in 1.5 months before the end of the project and I felt that the PM didnt do his job in managing the project better and nothing was donr to improve it either…I completed my part and rolled off…was on the bench for a month before being asked to do some analysis work to be completed within 2.5 weeks..the work has been around for months but nothing was done, and I felt like I was asked to be the scapegoat for a work that could have been accomplished long ago and my skills is wasted here…

    I decided Accenture Malaysia will not going to be helpful to me in my career, and decided to move on…I noticed that those that joined the company as fresh are those that are doing better and that the company and project team doesn’t have enough experience or capability to manage experienced hire like me..i am just one of many who have left recently and I don’t think it will stop soon till they look at changing the way they run the project…

    1. Hi Asif, thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. I am in the US and just had my final interview for a Jr. services division position on Friday with a senior manager through video conference. It went very well and I found out that HireRight has started their background check because an old manager pinged me about it on Friday afternoon. Should I be expecting an offer or probably not since you said something along the lines of “would’ve waited til Monday if we’re to deny you”? Really anxious to know what your best guess is here 🙂

  3. Hi asif,
    i am haizen i got an from Accenture next month will be the joining date to me.But i am little bit nervous joining in big and multinational company in that i would like how will be backgroung verification after offer letter and how will first weak in the company it seems and how will be commitment of work in assingned projects please let me back asap.

    Thanks asif.

    1. Congratulations on your offer. Please read some of the other posts…and especially the comments. We have discussed these topics in great detail. Good luck.


      Asif Khan

      On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 10:07 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  4. thanks for sharing your life experience in accenture.i am currently pursuing in electronics and communication in india.i need guidance for off campusplacement sir.india they are mostly private colleges software companies..please reply

    1. SS, I’m sorry but I don’t know what the off campus recruitment process is in India. Did you apply on the website? They have a special website for college graduate hires in the US. I don’t know if there is a similar program in India.


      Asif Khan

      On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 10:50 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  5. Hey Asif, thanks for sharing that. I will definitely do my best to show what I am capable of and try to get to know the rest as well. I guess I need to take this opportunity while waiting to join them to understand what I can contribute to the company/project. It is a bit tough when you are from Operations/Infra background and especially for someone in a lead position as compared to technical engineers doing Storage/Virtualization/Wintel and others, as they are very much domain expert or specific. Not that the tech guys are not During your time, did you see anyone that came from Ops or management position coming in and how did they excel or cope with the change of job scope?

    LOL, I was always disturbed during my vacation and my BB always follow me..haha.. But I have done some travel, and I look forward to a visit to Europe this year. Hopefully that goes according to plan.

    Btw, let me know if you have an email add that I can send direct email, it would be good to keep in touch.


  6. Asif, your blog, especially on Accenture has been really beneficial for me; it allowed me to get more insight on the company and I decided to take up the offer. I am from Malaysia, and joining the TC as a Manager. Got to say, it was not an easy decision, but I am definitely looking forward for a fresh challenge and also the world of consultancies.

    Thanks a lot mate, I appreciate that. If you do have more article, do share with us, I am sure the rest of the readers will enjoy it as much as I do.


    1. Thanks for the nice words, KV. I’m glad you enjoy reading the blog and that it was useful for you…and of course congratulations on your new consulting career! I’m sure you will enjoy and learn a lot and work harder than you ever have before! Enjoy it! How are things in Malaysia? We went to KL on vacation a few years ago and loved it so much we went back again the next year and visited Langkawi (spelling wrong?). I miss the Nasi Lemak and chicken rice. Yum!!


      Asif Khan

      On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 2:14 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


      1. Thanks Asif! From what I heard and surveyed, definitely going to learn more and work harder 🙂
        I have never been in consulting line, I am currently and IT Lead overseeing IT Ops, and Infra, so this is a new thing for me, although I have dealt with clients/customers in a business solutions role, but it is completely different. What will be your advice on what to look out for/what I got to be doing in the first few months.

        It is all good in Malaysia, kinda humid and hot at the moment. You should come again, but plan it towards the year end, where there a lot of holidays, shopping festival and also a much cooler weather. You did spelled it correctly, Langkawi is a great place, you ought to visit Perhentian or Redang Islang, it’s much better.

        How’s your new role at Microsoft?


      2. KV, first of all, as soon as you complete your two day orientation, you should focus on building your personal brand. You will be competing against a lot of other people for available assignments so everyone has to know where you will be a good fit. When they think of you, they should immediately know your niche and know where to plug you in. Self-marketing is a key to success.

        Coming from an Operations background, the thing you will enjoy the most is 28 days of vacation where you DON’T have to take your Blackberry along!! In other words, a vacation is a real vacation. Unplug and no one will bother you. That’s how I was able to go to KL, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and other places where I could totally unplug for a month or so. This year, we went to Istanbul. Enjoy it!


        Asif Khan

        On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 3:53 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  7. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Many thanks, However I am having issues with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I cannot join it. Is there anybody getting the same RSS problems?
    Anybody who knows the solution will you kindly respond?

    1. Hi, thanks for the nice compliment :-). I just checked and Chrome gives an error when you try to join the RSS feed (on Windows 8.1). Firefox and IE11 seem to be working fine. I will contact WordPress to see what’s wrong. Thanks for the heads-up. More posts coming soon…I took a break for awhile because my life just got really busy! So please come back and visit soon!


      Asif Khan

  8. Hi Asif, Thanks for the efforts. Very informative blog. I have recently completed 2 rounds of discussion with ACN Singapore. Awaiting for final or closing interview with the partner. Unfortunately, due to holiday season, the date is not finalized yet. As an outsider to ACN, your blog has provided good insight regarding possible negotiations, level, orientation, bench period etc. could you throw some light regarding the areas where we could use negotiation to avoid any disappointment after joining ACN.

    1. Banny,

      Congratulations on getting to the final stage of interviews. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “areas where we could use negotiation to avoid disappointment after joining ACN.” Do you mean to ask what are the things that are unexpected after you join? If so, I’ll tell you with confidence that there is very little structure. You determine your future. You decide what you want to do. Your career counselor helps you map out your long term career strategy and you are given a lot of freedom to spread your wings.

      As long as you understand that you will work harder than you have ever worked before (many of my peers tell me this so it’s not just me) and you will work with some of the smartest people you will ever meet and you will boost your career potential faster than any other job I can think of.

      The biggest downside is that this is a hard lifestyle to manage if you have a family. Most people discuss the travel and long work hours in advance with their family. In my case, we agreed that I would do this job for 2-4 years and then find a job more suitable for a family man. If you read some of my other posts, you will know that I recently left Accenture. What I learned there helped me get my dream job. The experience was totally worth it!

      I hope you experience the same once you join Accenture. Good luck to you!


      Asif Khan

  9. Hi Asif,

    I got offer from Accenture. They mentioned some Joining date in offer letter.

    I also got relived from my previous company after serving the notice period. But few days before my joining i got a call from Accenture stating that my verification hasn’t been started yet, so my joining date has been delayed by one week .

    But i shared all my documents and previous employer details with them in two and a half months.

    So, i decided to wait for the next week for my joining as Accenture is my dream company. But again 2 days before the new joining date i was told that they have not received my verification details report from Verification team and again extended the joining date by 10 days.

    All this seems to be very confusing as i have not heard anything like this before in my career. And also i don’t have any other offer in hand as i wanted to join Accenture as its a dream company for me.

    I also consulted few of my friends and relatives and everybody told met that Verification can also be done post joining. So, i am very tensed now.

    Please guide and help me.

    1. Shruti, Accenture uses a 3rd party to perform background verification. The problem is that 3rd party verification companies do as little as possible to verify your background. You need to contact them and proactively push them to get them the data that they need. I always find it frustrating dealing with these firms. Ask them what information they don’t have and then call and arrange to get that information for them. You have to be aggressive and proactive about it. I faced the same issue with my background check. I had to really push to get it done on time. Also, see my reply to Raaj below for more details. Good luck!

      1. Hi Asif,

        How can i contact the verification company. I also had discussion with my Recruiter but she told me that the detail for verification company cannot be disclosed to me. Then how i can contact them.

        However i am in constant touch with my recruiter over the same. I always keep asking him that if there is anything required from my end to make the verification smooth and easy then please let me know.

        Because sometimes it might happen that contact number or details have changed. But for that they at least needs to update me so that i can arrange the data for them.

        Please guide.

        Thanks & Regards,

      2. Hi Shruti,

        I have gone through lately through the third party company called Hireright which is basically a background check company working for Accenture.For me verification continued even after receiving offer letter and joining date confirmation. Please try to reach them directly rather than Accenture HR person. Here is the web-link

      3. I love how the community is helping each other out! Thank you Paul. Yes HireRight is the company. I think you should ask the recruiter if you can contact HireRight directly to see why it’s being delayed. Tell them that you will face financial hardship if this isn’t resolved quickly. Good luck!


        Asif Khan

      4. Hi Asif,

        The company you told me i.e. HireRight, conduct background check in India also?

        If yes, then how will i contact them. Shall i drop them mail or call on their Toll Free Number.

        Yes, you are right i think i need to ask my Recruiter first before contacting HireRight as my recruiter told me that details for Verification Company cannot be shared with me.

        Please help.

      5. Shruti, you didn’t tell me you are in India. HireRight is used in the US. I don’t know who they use in India. In my case, HireRight contacted me directly and said that they could not verify one of my employers. So I worked with them directly to get them the documents that they needed. I hope someone from Accenture India will be able to respond to this thread.


        Asif Khan

  10. Hi Asif,

    I cleared all the rounds of interviews and I sent all the required documents for ACN background verification.But in my work experience, my first organization does not exists now. as you also come over this situation (put in quite an effort to prove I worked in one of your previous organization). Could you please let me know the process what you followed. If that organization Offer Letter / Re-leaving letters are not enough for ACN, How can I prove, I was with first organization?

    1. Raaj, First of all, you should only provide background material going back maximum 10 years. The ACN application may only ask for 7 years, I don’t recall. If your org that doesn’t exist is older than that, then just tell your recruiter that you want to modify your application. If you worked there within the last 7 (or is it 10?) years, then here are some options:

      1) Contact someone you worked with at that company and ask them to write a letter confirming that you worked with them. 2) Find a W2 or an old tax return that showed that you worked there. 3) Find some old documentation (offer letter, letter of commendation, performance review, etc) and submit that as proof. 4) If that company’s assets were purchased by another company, contact the purchaser and see if they can provide POE (proof of employment). Note that most purchasers don’t keep these records beyond 3-5 years. 5) If your company outsourced their payroll to a company like ADP (as many do), you can contact the outsourcing company and see if they will provide you with any evidence. 6) If your final year there was less than 7 years ago, you can contact the IRS and ask for a copy of W2 and other evidence.

      Keep in mind that ACN (and most large employers these days) hire a 3rd party firm to do the background check. They are interested in checking off boxes with the least amount of effort. They are not going to put a lot of effort into confirming your background. You have to make it easy for them or they will just report back to ACN that they could not confirm. If that happens, you may still be able to find a workaround.

      It’s not a pleasant experience because you are under stress but it is a necessary evil for those of us who have worked for startups in the past. For future reference, whatever evidence you find, make sure you keep copies of it basically forever. As I’ve learned the hard way, no one really keeps these records so it is really up to you. Saving your old W2s is the best way to do this. Scan it. Back it up on Mozy, Dropbox and you’ll be fine.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes. As you can probably guess, I’ve been through this process and it can be scary. Now all my defunct startups are more than 10 years old so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I wish you a long tenure at Accenture so you don’t have to deal with this again :-).


      Asif Khan

  11. Hi Asif,

    I been following your blog since my interview process started with Accenture Mid of July. On August 15th i got the offer for a SAP SCM consultant after 3 round of interviews. I know Accenture
    is a great company to work with especially in SAP implementation projects. My joining date is on September 23rd and my question is what is the usual bench policies Accenture do nowadays? How good and vast they are into finding new projects and assigning to you before one roll off from a current project? could you please shed some light on this please?

    Also tips for the new employee from your end to survive at accenture?

    1. Congratulations on getting the offer (and thank you for reading the blog)! Bench policies differ based on the practice, geography and other factors. You will have two days of orientation and then you are on the bench waiting for your first assignment. I know people who were asked to fly straight from 2nd day of orientation to their assignment. Others were on the bench for a month before they landed their first gig. SAP is a huge business for ACN so you should expect to get picked up pretty quickly

      Re tips for survival, the most important thing you can do is to “establish your personal brand” quickly and communicate it well. A huge part of success at ACN is about networking and developing a reputation for a specific expertise that is in high demand. Once you do that, you should have no trouble landing the best projects.

      For example, I established myself as a Data Center Transformation expert. I built on that and eventually became known as the expert for two specific industries: Healthcare and Oil+Gas. I got to know all the key players for my specialty and I had no problem finding the cool, high-profile projects.

      Good luck to you.


      Asif Khan

  12. Hello, your blog is very inspiring. I am currently an Undergrad in Nyc. I will graduate next year with a Bachelors in Economics. I was hoping to ask you for some good advice, for example- what my CV should contain besides my education…is there a possibility that I can become a consultant with just an internship or two and retail experience? What does the company look for in Undergraduates? I really want to be a part of this company, but I don’t think my retail/sales experiences will be any help to achieving a job I need advice! Thank you.

    1. Hi, I wrote another post recently called “Getting Hired” which should give you a little more insight into the hiring process. I focused on experienced hires but the basic principles should apply. You don’t need consulting experience. You need to demonstrate an ability to work hard, learn quickly and communicate effectively. I used to manage a couple of recent college grads. They had very different experiences in college. But they both possessed these basic skills and they were able to demonstrate it during their on-campus interviews. Oh…and it helps tremendously if Accenture is recruiting at your college. You are doing the right thing by starting early and researching (ie reading blogs). Accenture is a fantastic place to start your career but keep your options open. You never know what opportunities will pop up. I always say “choose your lifestyle and find a job that fits that lifestyle.” You’ll be far happier than getting a job with a specific company. Be yourself and you’ll do great!

      Hmm…I may write a quick post on this topic. Thanks for the idea!


      Asif Khan

  13. Asif,

    Hi and hope all is well. I just went through this process and accepted an offer. Currently my start date is set for Aug 27th. and have a couple questions. I was with IBM prior I know that as a consultant sitting on the bench is a bad thing, I browsed internal project boards almost immediately after hire there and essentially got staffed to the tune of 120% productivity. Does Accenture follow similar a methodology? My second question is in relation to orientation, I have been waiting patiently to hear from the team concerning the logistics, my recruiter stated that the week before my start date is when I should anticipate contact? Is this correct, especially since I am essentially traveling for orientation?

    1. Bishopzulu, the answer depends on which level you are being hired at. Analysts (and consultants) tend to get assigned to projects within the first few weeks. Managers and Senior Managers tend to take a little longer. The thing to remember is that Accenture typically doesn’t hire tactically (ie for a specific project). You are being hired because they see value in you longer term. So it may take a little longer to place you initially but the hope is that you will be billable consistently once you are ramped up.

      Re orientation, it is a two day event. I didn’t know when or where I would go until the week before I started. I live in San Diego and was told to fly to Seattle on Day One. Most of the time, your orientation will be in your local office.

      My next post will be about the first 60 days. Stay tuned…



      Asif Khan

  14. Hi Asif,

    How was the salary negotiation? My recruiter asked me my current salary and said that I can make a little more than that, depending on my peers, but that she would try to get me as big of a sign on bonus as possible. Is there room for negotation once I receive my offer letter?

    1. Rachel, First of all, sorry for the delay in responding. I was VERY busy with a project deadline last month. Second, congratulations on getting the offer! In my experience, the recruiters want to wrap things up quickly so they are incented to go in and ask for the best package they can offer you. There usually is not a lot of room for negotiation with the salary (maybe 5% variance). But you may have some success trying to negotiate a higher position (consultant vs analyst or sr mgr vs mgr, for example) or your “At Level” time. At Level means you get credit for your current level. Let’s say you are hired as a Manager with 24 months AT LEVEL. Then you will be given 2 yrs credit at this level and will be eligible for promotion to Sr Mgr within a year. Promotions are allocated twice a year. If you can convince the recruiter that you deserve a higher salary but you can’t get a Level-Up, then they usually can get you a higher signing bonus.

      The bottom line is they want to close you quickly so there won’t be a lot of back and forth once the offer is presented. Negotiate what you can before the offer is completed. Once you are on the job, regardless of what you negotiate, you will feel like you should be getting paid more for the amount of work you are doing :-). But don’t worry, we all feel this way! What you will learn at Accenture is worth a lot more than whatever they are paying you!


      Asif Khan

      1. Hi Asif, it’s been a while since I joined Accenture, and the time has simply flown! I am enjoying myself a lot. Tried to find you on lync but couldn’t. Just to say hello 🙂 My last name is krishnamurthy in case you have better luck..
        Cheers, Pratibha

  15. I am going to join as Senior Systems Analyst in Austin. Please let me know the initial typical 60 days in Accenture. I am going to join a new company after long time, so there is change in job, company, culture, project, domain, city. Its like new stuff for me. How the transition will be, to gel in with new environment. How is the induction process? What are the training process? How career consular and networking works in Accenture? What are the project done in Austin center. What will be the typical day in Accenture?

    1. Sunny, congratulations on getting the offer! As far as the first 60 days, I think I’ll write a post about it, based on your suggestion. I think others will be interested in that as well. I’ve been very busy with a project in New York the last six weeks so I haven’t had time to write but I’ll make up for it this weekend. Stay tuned…

  16. Hey Asif,

    I had a final interview similar to you. It was very tough as in the interviewer literally grilled me. But he did take time to explain about the organisation and the work hours. I did all my other rounds really well but this one according to me was close to an epic disaster.

    Does the closing interview feedback affect the overall hiring process? How much weightage is given to it? Is it something like they want to test your attitude? I am really worried.

    1. Mary,

      I wish I knew the secret formula for how candidates are assessed. Like you, I too thought my final interview was an epic disaster. When the recruiter called me afterward, I told him so. But he assured me that I did fine. Then he offered me the job. So my advice to you is to don’t be so hard on yourself. I think the only qualification that matters is whether you will be a good consultant. If you did your best and feel comfortable with your ability to do the job, chances are, you are right and they will recognize that. Best of luck and please let us know how things turn out for you!


      Asif Khan

  17. Hi to every one, as I am genuinely eager of reading this webpage’s post to be updated on a regular basis. It includes good information.

    1. Anderson, thank you for visiting the site regularly. I have several more ideas and a couple of articles I’m trying to finish. I have been very busy with work lately so I just haven’t had the time to finish them. I should have some time this weekend. Please let me know what you want to learn more about so I get some ideas for new articles.


      Asif Khan

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for posting this blog. I also applied in Accenture for SE/SSE position. I just had my closing interview two days ago. They didn’t mentioned about the offer. Tonight the recruitment agent will call me to discuss about salary as mentioned by the manager during the closing interview. My question is, when will I know the job offer? do you have any idea about when they gonna say the job offer? I’m eager to know because I have high admiration of the company and I really want to be part in the company soon. Thanks for this post… it gave me more information about working in Accenture. Good day always.

      2. I’m not sure how to respond to your question. When I interviewed, they gave me the offer within an hour. I heard that it is taking longer these days. I don’t know the reason. Please update when you hear from them. Good luck!


        Asif Khan

      3. Hi Asif,

        Yeah! good news! I got the offer. I’ll be working in Accenture Atlanta.
        Good day always.


  18. Excellent article.. I am preparing for a “confirming interview” on the 23rd with someone who seems to be a senior executive, and hope that things work out well..

    1. Pratibha, congratulations on your confirming interview and thanks for visiting. Let me know how the interview goes. I’m working on a follow up post on how to handle the final interview. I’ll try to get it published before the 23rd!


      Asif Khan

      1. Hi Asif,

        I had the similiar interview process, 2 rounds of Telephonic interviews and Final interview with MD thru Telepresence for TGP SAP Manager position in Houston.

        I was later confirmed by the recruiter twice thru email that my feedback was positive and she will inform me once she gets the reccommendations for the next steps.
        Now today it’s 12 days after the interview and I have no resonse for next steps.

        Do you know what could be the reason it’s taking so long.


      2. Chil, don’t worry too much. If you read some of the other comments on this site, others are also experiencing delays in final decision. I think there is just a backlog and it is taking longer than usual. My team has doubled in size just in the last year. Since the start of 2013, we seem to be onboarding at least one new joiner per month. Hang in there. I’m sure you’ll get a call soon!


        Asif Khan

      3. Hi Asif,

        I had the similiar interview process, 2 rounds of Telephonic interviews and Final interview with MD thru Telepresence for TGP SAP Manager position in Houston.

        I was later confirmed by the recruiter twice thru email that my feedback was positive and she will inform me once she gets the reccommendations for the next steps.
        Now today it’s 12 days after the interview and I have no resonse for next steps.

        Do you know what could be the reason it’s taking so long.


      4. Hi Chil,

        Yes, for me it took around 2 months to get the offer and around 3 months to actually join. You have to be patient. Stay in touch with your recruiter with out annoying them.

        Good luck

      5. Thanks !! Asif and D… I will update whenever I hear from them.


      6. Hi Asif,

        As someone else noted below, it is quite a relief to read your blog and your replies esp during the waiting time which is very stressful. I had my interview yesterday and was informed that they will be moving to the offer stage and somebody will contact me for background check. It seems puzzling to me, I always assumed that they would make an offer and then go in for bv; I am planning to talk to the recruiter I have been interacting with on this.

        Thanks again,

      7. Pratibha, congratulations on moving to the offer stage! Re the background check, they hire an outside firm to do that. It is a very THOROUGH process so make sure your application is accurate. I worked for a dotcom in 1999 that no longer exists. I had to put in quite an effort to prove I worked there.


        Asif Khan

      8. Hi Asif, just updating you on my status – I have been given an offer, and a start date of May 20th – just waiting for my bachground check to come in. Its stressful even though there is nothing out of order. They are waiting for a court order (?? have never been to a court in all the 10yrs in the US) and school/work verification. I also gave notice to my current manager, which is making it more nerve-wracking.
        My husband has been asking to go out on a “treat”, but I keep telling him that we need to wait for the bv to come in 🙂
        Anyway, hope that truth will prevail, just asap 🙂
        Your blog is helpful to talk about all this – thanks for it..

      9. Pratibha, Congratulations on the job offer! I’m so happy for you. Please drop me a line once you are onboard. I’m very happy to see that the blog was of help to you. I’m even happier to see that it has become a forum of sorts to help others who are in the hiring process. I have several more “working at accenture” posts that I want to do but it’s hard to find the time. I hope you keep reading even after you are hired…and YES I agree with your husband…you should definitely go out and celebrate!

    2. Hi Asif,

      I just got an update from recruiter that they do not have active requirement in my module currently, she will put me on hold and will extend an offer whenever there is a demand comes up.

      At this point I have no clue how long this wait would be ?


      1. Chil,

        Don’t worry. This probably just means that the group you interviewed with has people on the bench waiting to get assigned to a project at this time. Once the bench is cleared, they will contact you. Just confirm with them whether they will definitely make you an offer or if they will invite you back for interview again when they are ready to hire.

  19. What could be more better than articles written by people who has been on the same situation like us, applicants. This is very very helpful, please keep up with writting blogs like this. Im about to have my final phone interview with Accenture next week via video call, I would love to hear your insights 🙂

    1. Mary, Congratulations on reaching your final interview! I wish you the best of luck. I don’t have a lot of insight to provide you at this point. You’ve obviously done the hard work to get to this point. Every final interview is different. I’ve talked to colleagues and there really is no such thing as a “typical” final interview. The Managing Director’s role in the final interview is to address anything they haven’t covered in your prior interviews. Let me know how it goes!


      Asif Khan

    2. HI Mary,

      Did you get the offer? Not sure why the joining date has been postponed for months now, worrying. Did you get your joining date?

  20. What is the salary range for new managers in Technology Growth Platform with 13 year of experience (base, bonus, profit sharing) etc. and is it negotiable?

    1. Yusuf, I just finished a post about compensation at Accenture. I will post shortly. Please check back. I’m currently in India and have limited internet access.


      Asif Khan

      1. Hi Asif bhai,

        I recently was interview by Accenture and was made an offer yesterday, but everything was done only on phone and one video conference interview. Does this happen, initially I was little worried whether to believe or not but looks like your friend was hired the same way. The position is in Austin in solutions and the start date they gave is about 1 and half months away. Any tips you can give please.
        Thanks for the blog.

      2. Ben, first of all congratulations on your offer. Yes that is the way they usually do it these days (via phone/telepresence/skype). If you didn’t expect to wait a month and a half for your start date, it is probably because, typically, there are a higher than usual number of people sitting on the bench during the first couple months of the year (ie not billing for their time because they are between projects…lots of projects end in December and so Jan/Feb tends to be transition time). So the company probably doesn’t want to bring new joiners on board until more people are assigned to projects.

        Since you are in the Solutions Group, you don’t have to worry about billable hours but the first quarter typically is our slowest so that is probably why they gave you a delayed start date. Let me know if you want to chat further.


        Asif Khan

      3. Thanks for the reply. I will definitely, post here if I have any questions through out the process. I am hoping to get the official paper offer this week. Do you work in Texas by any chance? (posting here because there is no reply button for your reply post)

      4. Ben, I’ll look into modifying the reply feature. I am based in Southern California and have been managing projects in Northern California for the last two years (I prefer it this way…it is quicker to fly to NoCal from San Diego than it is to drive to LA!). I’m currently on the bench waiting for my next project to start. It could be based anywhere. I am working on deals in Boston, Atlanta, Houston, LA, etc. I have no idea where my next project will be. Life of a consultant 🙂

  21. great writing.Really it got a positive sigh on accenture’s work culture as well as employer-employee relationship.That gives me a great relief.As i have been recruited as an Associate software engineer by accenture. Looking forward to step into the one of the world’s best firms.
    -thank you for such a great piece of work.

    1. Sriharsha, thanks for the great comment! I have some more posts I want to write re working at Accenture. I just wish I had more time to write them. Keep an eye out for them. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Wow Jason! That’s great! Good luck to you. Please let me know how it goes. I have gotten several emails this the past year from people hired by Accenture who said they prepared for their interview by reading my blog. Also, let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help. And make sure you email me from your Accenture email once you are hired! -Asif

  22. Sounds interesting, I do think you are jumping the gun on free travel for life, considering you haven’t been at accenture for a year.

    I’ve been a consultant for various organizations over the years and the miles & rewards aren’t always worth the time away from home. So people should take that with a grain of salt.

    Hotel rewards seem to go a lot farther and can be used easily. Air miles, sometimes it’s a joke. And sometimes, it goes by how far you fly, how much, and how cheap. Unless you’re an executive level, you aren’t flying business or first class often.

    Even with status. I’ve flown for years, multiple times per week, but it seemed there were many million mile members with higher status than I. Even with 500K miles, I was always number 20 on the list of first class upgrades. People with better titles than I seemed to have millions of miles. And that doesn’t count the fact that many projects are in the middle of nowhere. Which means puddle jumpers and layovers. So even if you get first class for an hour flight, you might get some 4 row no first class small flight for 2.5 hours.

    Using miles sometimes is a pain as well. Blackout dates, crappy airlines, some airlines charge $100 one-way fees. So even if you get a trip for free, you might be paying $100-200 or more in fees.

    You also have to assume you don’t get stuck in corporate apartments(no rewards there), or you get stuck flying different airlines all the time. If you move from project to project and location to location every 3 months, you might fly one airline every week for 3 months, and then fly another the following three months. A lot depends on location, cost, etc.

    For example, Houston has a lot of United flights, Atlanta is Delta, Phoenix is US Airways, Dallas is American, Charlotte is US Airways, and so on.

    And there might be many projects where you travel all day Sunday, don’t get home till early Friday morning, work Friday remote or have conference calls, do expenses, time sheets, meetings, etc. Do that for a year or two and you definitely would burn out. You’d never have a weekend. You’d have Saturday off, fly all day Sunday. And flying is a pain. Seats are not comfortable. TSA lines stink. Airport food is a rip off. And that’s not counting delays, cancellations, sitting on a runway for hours, change of flight paths, and more.

    Every single consultant who has traveled that I know has stories of being stuck in some crappy city, or being stuck because their flight got canceled. And remember, if you are flying Sundays, being stuck till Friday evening or Saturday morning, means there is no point in flying home that week.

    If you liked flying and travel before consulting, there is a good chance you’ll suddenly hate flying after a few months.

    Some companies make things easier for consultants, some don’t. Most consulting firms have similar policies though and the life of a consultant seems to be the life of somebody who winds up quitting after 2-3 years.

    How many people with a combination of good skills and ambition stick around for years and years being thrown in economy class in the middle of nowhere on projects where the full time employees of the client hate consultants?

    You can learn a lot. You do meet a ton of people. You do get to travel. You get thrown into the fire and are forced to sink or swim. But there is a reason why many many consultants from many many consulting firms, don’t stick around long term.

    And that status and miles kind of disappear rather quickly if you stop traveling.

    1. Dogman, all the points you make are valid. I agree that traveling sucks after awhile! No amount of free points is worth the hassles you describe. However, I think I figured out a way to outsmart the system. Read my latest post “Location Independence.” FYI, I don’t do this just for the points 😉

      Also, yes it’s true that a lot of consultants leave after 2-3 years but I work with colleagues who have been with the company for 15+ years and this is the only life they know.

      Not every consultant leaves the firm just because they hate the travel. The truth is, a lot of opportunities open up when you have the kind of experience that Accenture provides you. Sometimes, good people leave a good job for an even better one!

  23. An interesting write-up about how you were hired. As a fellow employee, coming from a different hiring structure (and not a consultant!), it was an interesting view of the “other side”. Believe it or not, I got here by Googling “new hire” “business case” “template”. I think I work on the same healthcare project as you do :P.

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