Welcome to the New Vaporware Blog

by Asif Khan

When I started this blog a little more than a year ago, I intended it to be a tightly focused cloud computing blog catering to a well defined audience: IT professionals with a passion for emerging technologies who want to understand how these tools can be used to solve business problems. In the beginning, most of my (tiny) audience was my Twitter followers.

Today, in addition to my Twitter followers, the majority of my new readers discover this blog via Google searches from around the world. As my audience continues to grow in size and diversity, I have started introducing topics that are more “general interest” in nature…and you have responded enthusiastically. At the same time, the term “cloud computing” has begun to lose its mojo. As someone recently said to me, “every time someone says ‘cloud’, a marketing manager gets his wings.”

So I decided to relaunch my blog with a new look and a new theme to reflect my growing audience and my expanding interests. The original look of this blog was monochromatic and industrial…appropriate for a tech blog but too limited in scope for what I had in mind. I wanted to expand the boundaries and make the blog look and feel more like a glossy magazine.

The new look employs a brighter and more colorful theme with lots of white space to give it a clean and less cluttered look. There is an industrial looking graphic in the upper left corner to tie back to the original technology-focused theme.

The new theme is “Technology. Leadership. Ideas.” Technology is my first love and will continue to be the primary focus of this blog. However, technology is not useful unless it solves the tough business problems. The new Leadership section allows me to share what I learn on my journey towards becoming a business leader that has to make decisions about the “how” and the “why” of technology. And finally, the new Ideas section allows me to write about broader topics that I find interesting and that I think my readers will enjoy as well.

The posts are now organized into their respective sections so if you are one of my original readers and are only interested in technology for example, you can click on that category and filter out the non-techie stuff.

This should keep us busy for awhile!

Anyway, I hope you like the new blog. Thank you as always for reading it. Feel free to post comments with your feedback. I purchased the URL, thevaporwareblog.com, to make the blog easier for more people to discover it on Google. SEO, baby. Enjoy!

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