Working at Accenture: How Much Does a Senior Manager Make?

by Asif Khan

Last year, I wrote a post about how much a Partner (Managing Director) at Accenture makes. It went on to become the most popular post on this site, by far.

I thought I would write a follow up article on the role that leads to Managing Director. Being a Senior Manager is a pretty great role since it exposes you to much of the responsibilities of a Managing Director without the actual accountability (ie sales quota)–and, to an extent, without the actual perks (ie the long term stock awards).


First, the usual disclaimers. I’m not revealing any proprietary information. The information presented here is from publicly available sources and some is based on my actual experience and anecdotal evidence from others in similar roles. As usual, I’m basing these numbers on a Technology Consulting role in the US because that is the role I was in most recently. Your mileage may vary.

First, let’s review the estimated pay structure leading up to the Senior Manager role:

An Analyst fresh out of college (a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is a minimum requirement to get hired by Accenture) or with a couple years of outside experience after college can expect to earn in the range of USD50K-USD100K.

A Consultant with 4-6 years post-college work experience can expect to earn a total compensation in the range of USD75K-USD125K.

A Manager with 6-10 years experience at Accenture can expect to earn a total compensation in the range of USD100K-USD175K.

Finally, a Senior Manager who has worked his/her way up at Accenture (or is an experienced hire joining Accenture at the Senior Manager level) can expect to earn a total compensation in the range of USD150K-USD300K.

These numbers are based on total compensation including performance and company bonuses (but not including stock grants which can add significantly to the total payout). I intentionally presented a wide range of pay for each level because there are several factors that can impact final pay. In general, an outside hire brought in at the Sr Manager level will make more money than someone who worked their way up from Analyst. Also, the firm makes exceptions for people with unique backgrounds. I referred a friend who was a VP of IT for a major financial services firm. I worked with a former physician (medical doctor) who worked in the HealthCare practice. I assume they were offered a compensation package at the very high end of the spectrum. Your pay can fluctuate greatly depending on your prior experience.

Now let’s drill into some of the factors that determine your total compensation.


The comp plan for Analysts and Consultants is pretty straightforward. You get a base salary and a bonus of around 5-10% based on your performance appraisal at the end of the performance year (which is about 3 months prior to the end of the fiscal year). The manager gets up to an additional 5% bonus based on how the company does. A Manager may also get some stock in the form of Restricted Stock Units. RSUs, unlike options, don’t have a strike price. You get the entire value of the shares but you can only cash it out after a specified period. At Accenture, the vesting period is 3 years, with one third vesting every 12 months (rather than 1/36th every month as I’ve had with previous employers).


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  1. Hi,

    I got an offer from Accenture for 115k base for senior consultant level 3. I am not sure if the offer is fair in terms of my role and responsibilities. Please advise.

    1. Hi Sana,
      It depends on what business you are working for; is it for Management Consulting (MC) or Strategy?
      It looks like pretty competitive for C3

      1. Hi, thank you for your response . I’m actually working for their client delivery and operations practise . I have 5yrs of experience.

      2. Another quick question – I would like to know the salary range for a manager level, which I believe is the next level after C3 level.

  2. Asif – when are you going to resume writing on this blog? I love your writing. It keeps your audience engaged. Hoping to hear more, and more often very soon!

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment. I really enjoyed writing for the blog but came to a point where I wasn’t really sure where to take it next. I haven’t written a post in nearly 4 years and the number of viewers per month has actually increased so I obviously seem to have hit a nerve.

      I ask for your help. Please let me know what you would like to read about. I started this site as a deep dive technology blog and then I started writing about business, marketing and working at Accenture.

      I would like to write about general business topics but don’t know if the current audience really cares about that or if they use this site mostly as a prep for interviewing with Accenture. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  3. Can someone please tell me if I got a reasonable offer and can accept or not.
    Position: Sr Manager
    Base comp : 190k
    Sign on – 10k

    I am a contractor and make around $240k now but with vacation and bonus I am thinking it will be the same with $190k base pay. Any thoughts?

    1. I’m in a similar situation coming from being an independent senior consultant to the “staff consulting world”, trying to evaluate a lower comp coupled with more sustainability!!

  4. Hi Asif, I have been offered Senior Manager Title at Accenture. The base salary and sign-on bonus is in-line with SM role in the forum but $0 stock option. HR person said the SM role is eligible for stock options but it will be allocated later depends on the performance but not at the time of joining. Is this true statement? Whatโ€™s Accenture policy in allocating RSU stocks?

    1. HI, I have to admit this is the first I’ve heard of this. But keep in mind that I am NOT an HR representative so I can only speak anecdotally. Also, I no longer work at Accenture so I’m not privy to specific policies. Having said that, I regularly speak to some of my colleagues still at Accenture so I know that things haven’t changed that much.

      OK so on to your issue. The SM role is very broad. There are people who are new and there are people who have decided they don’t want to become MD and they stay at that role for several years. So if you take the SM role, you will be measured against all the other SMs when it comes time to hand out bonuses.

      I once advised a friend (who I had recruited into Accenture) to decline the SM role and take the Manager role instead. He then came in at the high end of the Manager role and received good bonuses and was promoted to SM within two years. That is one strategy you might consider. Take a look at the overall compensation package for both options to see if it makes sense.

      The other option is to take the SM role if you are happy with the compensation (with stock). For me, the salary alone would have been a paycut compared to what I was making before so they offered a generous signing bonus for me to compensate for that. Your case may be different.

      At the end of the day, you just have to choose the option that makes you happy. Don’t focus too much on title. Focus on the overall compensation package and the type of work you want to do.

      Good luck.

  5. Asif,
    I have been offered a Senior Manager role in Digital group. The base is $200K and sign on bonus was $20K cash + $40K stocks (vested over 3 years). Based on your comments, it feels that the sign-on bonus is below par. 15-30% would be $90K-180K. Am I calculating this correctly?

    1. Actually, 15% of $200k is $30k and 30% is $60k so your offer is right on target (on the high end). Congratulations, you negotiated well!

      The stock has performed well so the fact that you got 2/3 in stock may work in your favor ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Hi, I have been offered Senior Manager Title at Accenture. The base salary and sign-on bonus is in-line with SM role in the forum but $0 stock option. HR person said the SM role is eligible for stock options but it will be allocated later depends on the performance but not at the time of joining. Is this true statement? What’s Accenture policy in allocating RSU stocks?

        Please clarify.

  6. Hi

    Can someone pls help me with a question.
    Actually I got an offer from Accenture for ASE profile,had onboarding on 21-Mar-2016 of this month in Hyderabad (India) but could not appear for it due to some reasons, will they still consider me for the next onboarding batch. I am under tremendous depression these days as I have been unemployed for two years and yes I am a Fresher
    Pls note that I didnโ€™t have offer letter, it was to be given at the time of joining..pls reply

    1. No. You should have made it a priority, especially since you had been unemployed for so long. Why would not go? This seems reflective of your work ethic. Not good for clients.

    2. No. You should have made it a priority, especially since you had been unemployed for so long. Why would you not go? This seems reflective of your work ethic. Not good for clients.

  7. Good information all around, thank you. Just completed my senior manager interview with an MD. Have been told I am through and there would be two more levels. Pending with another MD and then finally with HR.
    I have been with one of the BIG 5 in consulting for last 5yrs6months and have an overall experience of 17yrs. My role maps to that of an IT director or an IT General manager in the outside market. When I asked about this, the MD said its an L6 and he himself is an L4. However, he stresses that this is equivalent to a VP in external market.
    My question is, is there a role of L5 with Accenture and should I negotiate for it. Also, as he says does it really map up to a VP role in outer market.

      1. Hi

        Can u pls help me with a question.
        Actually I got an offer from Accenture for ASE profile,had onboarding on 21-Mar-2016 of this month in Hyderabad (India) but could not appear for it due to some reasons, will they still consider me for the next onboarding batch.
        Pls note that I didn’t have offer letter, it was to be given at the time of joining..pls reply

  8. hi there,

    i work with tcs and would be interviewed for the position of specialist is that higher in terms of hierarchy in accenture since i work wih tcs it

  9. Asif

    I have IT industry experience of 14 years and working as IT Sr. Manager and run a global team for a functional area. I am also doing PMBA in a Top 10 school. I make around 150K + 20% Target bonus + Restrictred stock 20k per year. There is minimal travel, and I work for a global company that operates in 60 countries. I am based in the midwest.

    I am contemplating the following

    1. Senior Manager at a Big 5 firm (Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, KPMG etc.)

    2. Associate Partner at Tier 2 IT Services firm (Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant etc.)

    3. IT Director in industry (Coke, Pepsi, Pfizer, Kellogg, Caterpiller etc.),
    Very little travel
    Expecting around 170K+25% Bonus + Stock

    I would like your input on option 1, and what kind of compensation can I expect?
    My technology (module/software) experience is very desired.

    Venetian Guy

    1. been working for Accenture for a year or so now……your total compensation will depend on your years of exp (relevant industry exp, i might add) and how well you polish yourself during your interviews with MD and other SR MNGRs….. other factor they will also consider when they want to present you with an offer is where you reside (region you are from)…..SR MNGR from North Dakota will not receive same total compensation offer from a SR MNGR from NYC or DC area…..I’m sure you are aware of this…..It’s not that easy to get your foot in the door here (unless your son of an MD or daughter of an MD)……So, best of luck! IMHO, chasing after $$$ will bite you in the arse later on….If you’re joining ACN as a SR MNGR, you will be WELL compensated in the end…….I know SR MNGRs who make(s) as much as an MD here……. – JJJ

    2. Venetian Guy,

      Congratulations on a successful career so far. It sounds like you have your future mapped out pretty well. I’m not in HR but from my anecdotal experience, ACN tends to offer your current salary + 10% (incl all bonus, stock, etc). You will probably get a signing bonus as well.

      But most people don’t get rich working at ACN. You get experience and contacts that you can use to get your next job (that next job could be as a Managing Director at ACN). That’s when you cash in. If you go in with those expectations, you’ll love it.

      The biggest obstacle to loving the job is to make sure you are OK with the travel. Assume 4 days a week of travel about 9 months out of the year. I did it as long as I could but with a stay-at-home wife and a young child, it became a real burden for me. I landed my dream job which I couldn’t have gotten without Accenture on my resume.

      Does that answer your question?

  10. Hi Ashif,

    Wonderful blog and posts. I was thinking long about why didn’t i search these key words and found this blog earlier. I am sure the post and running commentaries are enlightening for people looking for career progress via change. I am currently Manger at L2 with ACN, actually walked up entire journey from Analyst to Manager in 6 years. My total exp is 7.5 years. Currently I am facing some tough choices and alternatives to consider. It would be great help if you can chat and provide some friendly advice.Look forward to speak with you

  11. I am in process of negotiations with Accenture. I got a 150K offer when I asked for 175K. I have countered at 165K and asked for a 50K joining bonus as I will loose 30K in stocks plus about 25K in bonus if I quit now. Right now I earn 135K plus 35% bonus but have been paid around 19% as the bonus pool has been short.

    They haven’t responded yet, did I asked for something unfair? I am been considered for a Sr Manager role in the US.

    Also, how realistic are the bonuses? How about salary increases? They mentioned bonus is around 15% guaranteed and increases happen yearly depending on performance.


    1. What you are asking for sounds reasonable but every situation is different. Any employer will pay you the least they think it will take to get you to accept the offer. If you made a good case for why you deserve what you are asking, and it is in the range of what the employer is willing to pay, then you should get it.

      As with any negotiation, you have to make a case for why it is in their best interest to accept your counter offer. Good luck.

      1. They replied back today and said they are firm on their initial offering and no joining bonus will be given. I mentioned that I would be loosing that much in stocks and bonuses but it was not enough to convince them. I’m going to respectfully reject and keep looking…. Too bad, I was very excited but they are definitely not giving me what I think my knowledge is worth it and if they are not negotiating salary now, they likely won’t do later, that’s a red flag.

      2. I think you did the right thing. It’s a great place to work but probably not worth taking a pay cut for. I heard the payouts have gotten less generous lately from a couple friends who left the firm recently. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.

  12. Hi Asif, I just came across your blog and suscribed… I look forward to reading more of it. Could you PM me please? Thanks

  13. Can anyone explain how to check your application status on the Accenture website? All I see is a date and something that application complete.

  14. Asif Scott I have been invited to 2nd skills interview. Had initial with MD Friday and now scheduled additional for next week. Is normal to have two MD skill interview require before any invite for confirm interview?

  15. Hi Asif,

    Great posts and really appreciate the knowledge that you have shared. It has helped me get to the final stage of an offer.
    Had a chat with the recruiter today and she discussed the offer verbally.

    I had a few queries and appreciate if you can shed some light on them,

    My role is SM level 6 that they have proposed.

    – I have asked them about the level of SM i.e. if I am coming in at 12/24months etc;
    – In terms of base they have offered a 15% increase to my current one but under what we discussed when we started the process. – Is there a room for me to negotiate on that part.
    – The bonus component is 20% individual performance and 10% corporate performance. Is there a limit on that or if you perform better than your target you are eligible for more. ?
    – Signing bonus – they have offered 5% of my base salary which seems under par after reading some of your notes.
    – The recruiter also asked me for if I join Accenture would be I be leaving any bonuses at my current organization. Which is the case for me but would they normally match it ?
    – Last but not the least I assume the overall comp package will include (Salary + Signing bonus + RSU. Am I missing anything that I should be asking for.

    Also if possible I am based in CA would appreciate an offline discussion with you.


    1. Hey Nik,

      Congrats on an offer as an SM. Typically the firm likes to bring people in at Manager to see how they perform, so that’s a great start for you.

      MAL (Months at Level) is largely irrelevant when you join as an SM. You’re going to be assessed for promotion based on a) your sales/revenue/pullthrough/cci (depending on your role), and b) your sponsors. The former is quantitative fundamentally, if you sell $25M in your first year and $50M the next – you’ll get promoted. The latter is around how many MDs will go to bat for you to build the case and support for your promotion.

      You can probably negotiate on the salary, the bands are very wide. Typically though they are related to your MAL in some capacity. This is typically managed by Bill Code (e.g. higher bill code means you get paid more). More of an internal tracking mechanic, it can serve as an indicator. Just ask for more and see what hey can do.

      The bonuses are maximums, and do not reflect what you will get for certain. To achieve 20% and 10% in practice would be amazing, but most recent years even as a top performer has been closer to 9% and 4% respectively.

      Typically Accenture doesn’t do a signing bonus. So that’s great.

      Telling them about losing bonuses may help them make a case internally for a higher signing bonus, or a higher pay. Definitely discuss this.

      There are no RSUs on signing. As an SM you’ll get that after your performance, and they’ll vest over time. It isn’t much (5% or so) but can add up over years and years.


      1. Scott seems a little different than Asif experience. So the signing bonus is not typical at SM level? RSU are not part of signing bonus?

      2. Signing bonus was pretty common for Mgr and Sr Mgr when I applied at Accenture. They may have made some changes to their compensation strategy. Don’t get caught up in the details. Look at the entire compensation package. If it makes sense, then take it. If not, keep looking. They may be paying a higher salary or offering a more lucrative benefits package in lieu of signing bonus. Discuss with your recruiter how it compares to your current salary and what it would take for you to accept the offer. Good luck!

      3. Well said, Scott. I’m not an HR expert nor a recruiter for Accenture. I just conveyed my personal experience in this blog post. There are a lot of smart people who read this blog and offer their own insights via the comments. Thank you for contributing to the community, Scott. Your insights are spot on.

      4. Thanks Scott appreciate your inputs.

        Have a follow up call this week for an updated offer, shall keep you guys posted.

        Recruitment team has asked me for my previous job letter and W2 so they can start the BV. Do you know the time it takes and the process included in BV ?

      5. Asif or Scott can comment on process from completing hr/behav/tech interviews to getting invite for onsite? Does invite come from email scheduler as previous interviews or from a recruiter call?

      6. Suresh, Scott probably has much more updated info about this. When I interviewed, they called me to schedule each interview. Then they invited me to New York for the final interview. After I was hired, I heard most people were called into their local Accenture office and had their final interview using the TelePresence equipment. Later, most people were asked to do a Skype interview.

        I don’t know if these practices have been changed or updated recently.

      7. Asif, Scott, when receiving invite for confirming interview is it also titled skills interview or is it called different when scheduling team sends invite?

    2. My experience is that if an employer wants to hire you, they will put together a package they think will be fair to you. It should pay a little bit more than your current job and should have long term incentives to make you want to stay long term.

      The rest of the details vary by situation. I have been very open as to what I was offered. But your situation may be different. I referred a friend who was far more qualified than I was and he was offered much more money (salary was about the same but the signing bonus, RSU grant and other incentives far exceeded what they offered me–he turned it down because he had an even better offer).

      1. Things can change based on geography or over time. I believe a lot of Asif’s experience is a) from former colleagues and b) from his time at Accenture (though he is no longer with the firm).

        I’m still with Accenture, so I would imagine my updates are likely more accurate to the current landscape at the firm. Both are to be taken with discretion though, as your mileage may vary.

      2. Right on Scott. I am very clear in explaining that my experience and evidence is completely anecdotal. I have never been in HR. I just write a blog.

      3. Tx Asif..point taken and agree the overall package has to make sense but its always great benefit to be in a position of where you have some idea of what to expect and inputs from you and others on the blog e.g. Scott make the process so much easier…

      4. Nik how was follow up call? Can you provide more detail on bv process and negotiation?

    3. Hi Nick,
      I’m waiting for my schedule for technical interview in data analyst position, do you mind give me an idea about type of questions they will ask?

  16. I have been offered by accenture for there cloud solutions as Technical architect – class 8. I have around 10 yrs of experience and work as a solution architect in my org. Is it worth pursuing the opportunity? I am based in India. They are planning to offer me a joining bonus. Not sure how much usually they offer.

    1. My philosophy is as follows: when a potentially great opportunity is presented to you, do what you can to get an offer. Once you have gone through the interview and have received an offer, you are in a much better position to evaluate the overall opportunity and the financial rewards associated with it. I would rather be in a position where I tell them yes or no than have them tell me yes or no.

  17. Hello Asif,

    Thanks a lot for a great blog. I have finished my interviews with Accenture and am currently waiting for an offer. During my last interview with the MD, I asked for a level of senior manager, but he felt that I should join at the manager level, but he said that I could be promoted to senior manager within a year if I perform well. He also delivered this message to the recruiter because the recruiter called me and told me the same thing. I have two questions now:

    1. Will they put the “early promotion” condition in the offer letter? If no, shall I ask them to do it because it is not a typical review cycle?

    2. Since I could be eligible for promotion within a year, does it mean that I would join as a manager with 3-year experience (M3)? I know that it will take about 3 years to be eligible for promotion.

    I asked these questions because they will certainly affect the compensation package they are putting together for me. By the way, could you give me an idea of total compensation at my level?

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Amit,

      Congratulations on getting to the final stage and ready to receive an offer. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As to your questions:

      1. Will they put the โ€œearly promotionโ€ condition in the offer letter? If no, shall I ask them to do it because it is not a typical review cycle?

      //No – this is not what they mean. What they mean is that you will be considered within the next banding cycle (July 2016) and may have an opportunity to be promoted provided that you out-perform most peers at the Manager level. This should be relatively apparent if indeed you should have been at the Senior Manager level.

      2. Since I could be eligible for promotion within a year, does it mean that I would join as a manager with 3-year experience (M3)? I know that it will take about 3 years to be eligible for promotion.

      //This is correct in concept. You’ll be given a ‘prior experience’ credit which will make you part of the promotion conversation during the next banding cycle.

      I asked these questions because they will certainly affect the compensation package they are putting together for me. By the way, could you give me an idea of total compensation at my level?

      //There is no way to have a sense without understanding your location. You could take a look at Payscale to get an idea by location.

      1. Hi Scott,

        Thank you for your comments. Yeah, I am excited about this opportunity. Waiting for the offer is no fun; I check my cell phone every 15 minutes. :p

        One more question. If the recruiter makes a verbal offer over the phone, can I ask the recruiter to send the written offer to my email so that I can take some time to think it over?


      2. Amit, once you get a verbal, they usually mail you the written offer via overnight mail. Do not make any decisions or notify your current employer until you have the written offer in hand.

        Scott, thank you for responding to the other questions. You are spot on! I’m glad to see a community forming here where everyone helps each other out!

      3. Hello Scott/Asif,

        I hope both of you can help me with this follow-up question. The recruiter called me and presented the offer today. It was good overall, but when I asked how many “credit months” I will be given at the manager level, she said zero. I was surprised because the MD told me that I could be eligible for promotion in a year, but the recruiter explained that it takes 36 credit months to be eligible for promotion, but it does not mean that I will have to complete 36 months of service to “earn” 36 credit months. If I have 3 big projects in a row next year and perform exceptionally, it is very likely that I will have “earned” 36 credit months and hence be eligible for promotion.

        I am still trying to wrap my head around it, but I have doubt about what the recruiter told me. It can be extremely challenging to earn 36 credit months in a year. Could you please verify if it is true? If I want to negotiate it, what will be my best strategy? I would greatly appreciate it if you can share your ideas. Thank you very much.


      4. Amit, I can’t speak to current HR policies but I always take these kinds of promises with a grain of salt. Since you don’t have a manager, you need to make sure you get a really good career counselor that will advocate for you. Having said that, I personally knew people during my Accenture tenure that were hired as managers and were promoted within a year or two.

        I was hired as a Sr Mgr with 24 months “at level” (that is how they referred to it back then) but that didn’t really help me get to MD level. In the end, what really matters is how you perform on the job. And a lot of that is based on having a good, proactive career counselor who will guide you into the right kind of roles.

  18. Hi Asif

    Its a big relief to know accenture so much before you join! and one feels will be much prepared before accepting offer.

    About me, I am from P&C Insurance domain background with 14 years exp in P&C Domain. With recent acquisition of DuckCreek and signing deal with Gyco, it appears Accenture is looking for more P&C insurance experts across the globe.

    I currently worked with one of competitor of DuckCreek not as big size as Accenture is and holds very key position. I recently travelled to US, but before coming i went through interview process and informed Accenture over me travelling to US and interested in joining US accenture.

    I have already gone through multiple interview rounds such as HR Round, Telephonic Functional round, Face to Face interview with delivery head before i travel to US, and after travel interview with HR over Situation base interview.

    Now, Final interview is scheduled with MD in coming week.

    I would be very happy if you can provide your views on below questions.

    1. My role with current Org is Product architect and was looking for better role at accenture.

    2. While discussion with delivery head (Sr Manager), he referred i could fit into role of APP Architect or Delivery Manager – which i pressume could be one level of Manager role – But seems thats not the case as it could be G7 (which is manager in accenture)
    Could you tell me for 14 years into Speciality role of Product architect, i should check for Sr Manager?

    3. What should be compensation for Manager / Sr Manager role – I saw you thread and could get idea about the range, but the problem is from current organisation as i travelled from India – i am having current package of 90K, But if i resgin then there would definitly be counter offer of 120K minimum based on my role and critical position in current company. I did explain all this to accenture and asked 150K salary. Wish i could have seen your blog earlier. Is it fine to go now and ask for higher role and compensation? (Not sure if you can help with me my silly questions, but assuming you may provide some insights!)

    4. You mentioned in blog that MD interviews are diffcult and should not be taken lightly. Can you tell me some more details on this?
    what category of questions would be? Is it again situation based or typical management questions such as, list improvement you bought on table / scenario that help company, anyway you could bring business to company and so on..

    5. As my interview was conducted by Sr Manager, could i able to ask for same position – What is experience level that was expected for Manager and Sr Manager.
    Reason, i am asking i know someone with 10 years exp having Manager role in accenture US.

    Answer over above queries will help me prepare for interview with MD.


    1. Typo above, i thought delivery manager role of accenture is one level above of Manager but now came to know it is same as Manager.

      1. The level you are hired at is not contingent on how many years you have worked. It is based on the type of work you have done and the compensation level you are currently at. You should negotiate for the highest level you can get but realize sometimes it is easier to get hired in at the lower level but with enough seniority that you can get promoted quickly. I have seen several managers get promoted to Sr Mgr within a year or two of getting hired.

        As far as compensation, you will probably get a package of base+annual bonus+stock grants+signing bonus. If they can’t meet your salary requirements, they usually make it up with signing bonus (cash) and restricted stock units that take 3 years to fully vest (1/3 per year). I don’t know what salary level you should expect because I don’t know your geography.

        I suggest looking at They do a pretty good job of projecting potential compensation for a specific role by geography. Good luck to you.

    2. Hi Jayaps,

      I’ve taken your comment below and have added some responses that should help.


      1. My role with current Org is Product architect and was looking for better role at accenture.

      //Accenture doesn’t organize around that sort of structure. You may come in as a Manager and be responsible for delivery within a particular technology stack (which it sounds like you’re familiar with). You’d then be a Manager, but perhaps you’d also have a specialization as a solution/technical architect.

      2. While discussion with delivery head (Sr Manager), he referred i could fit into role of APP Architect or Delivery Manager โ€“ which i pressume could be one level of Manager role โ€“ But seems thats not the case as it could be G7 (which is manager in accenture)
      Could you tell me for 14 years into Speciality role of Product architect, i should check for Sr Manager?

      //Roles in Accenture aren’t based on years of experience. You could be a Manager with 6 years of experience, or with 15. I’ve seen Managers who have been delivering technology solutions for more than 25 years. You’ll likely come in as a Manager and have an opportunity to prove you can sell and hit your numbers to potentially make Senior Manager.

      3. What should be compensation for Manager / Sr Manager role โ€“ I saw you thread and could get idea about the range, but the problem is from current organisation as i travelled from India โ€“ i am having current package of 90K, But if i resgin then there would definitly be counter offer of 120K minimum based on my role and critical position in current company. I did explain all this to accenture and asked 150K salary. Wish i could have seen your blog earlier. Is it fine to go now and ask for higher role and compensation? (Not sure if you can help with me my silly questions, but assuming you may provide some insights!)

      //This depends on the person and the location (e.g. SFO and NYC pay more than ATL). Manager ranges from about $85K – $120K. To make $150K you’d need to come in as an experienced Senior Manager, which based on the above does not sound likely. Typically the firm will state what they can pay for a particular level, and that is that (take it or leave it).

      4. You mentioned in blog that MD interviews are diffcult and should not be taken lightly. Can you tell me some more details on this?
      what category of questions would be? Is it again situation based or typical management questions such as, list improvement you bought on table / scenario that help company, anyway you could bring business to company and so on..

      //This is a fit interview, so it depends on the MD. They could be behavioral or technical. This will depend on how the MD sees you as a candidate and what they think your strengths or weaknesses may be. There is no standard format here.

      5. As my interview was conducted by Sr Manager, could i able to ask for same position โ€“ What is experience level that was expected for Manager and Sr Manager.
      Reason, i am asking i know someone with 10 years exp having Manager role in accenture US.

      //As mentioned above, there is no ‘standard’. I know MDs with 10 years of experience and I know Managers with 25 years of experience. It all depends on how much value you deliver to the organization. Help orchestrate and close a 200MM deal? You’re guaranteed to be promoted. Deliver standard work in a very large project? Not so much.

      Answer over above queries will help me prepare for interview with MD.


  19. Just to add a few comments here…

    Under the new model, Accenture has moved away from titles and is now level based. We have from Level 11 – Level 1 (Levels 4-3 are Managing Director, Levels 2-1 are Senior Managing Director).

    A Senior Manager is Level 6, while some people on a specific technical career or expert model career path who are ‘above’ a SM but can’t quite make MD can move to Level 5 as a landing platform.

    Manager is Level 7. Consultant is Level 8, Analyst is Level 9. The other levels are for non-Consulting and replace the old Level G, F, E structure.

    Accenture’s compensation tends to vary based on different markets. In Asia it is seen as a premium professional services organization and pays a 25-30% premium over average for a particular level. In North America it is not seen as quite a premium organization and tends to pay industry average or slightly below. If you’re looking for more money at any given level, try Cap, Deloitte or E&Y for technology, and Bain, BCG, McK for Management Consulting.

    Bonuses for the last couple of years have been very low, as the board/leadership mandate has been to deliver shareholder returns and not focus on compensating personnel (e.g. $1 out of an employees pocket translates into higher EPS which drives share prices, which is the location where all executives derive the majority of their wealth).

    Happy to answer any more questions.

  20. That range doesn’t make much sense. So someone fresh out of college makes 50-100, but someone with 6-10 years experience makes only 75-125? So after 6-10 years experience you make 25K more than someone fresh out of college?
    Either ACN has one effed up pay system or these numbers can’t be accurate.

    1. Check for further details. I based my numbers on an average of glassdoor numbers and people in thise roles that I worked with.

      These are wide ranges. Your pay raises are based on performance. Also, you get stock awards for good performance.

      I have often said you won’t get rich working at ACN but the skills you learn will be valuable to another employer. Good luck!

      1. I always take anything on glassdoor with a grain of salt. Any self identified data is not too trustworthy since people tend to lie a lot. I’m looking around for salaries since I’ve been interviewing with ACN. If they pay me what I want, I’ll join, if not, I won’t. I’m looking for around $200K total, so $175K ballpark base. 15 years ago I was offered $55K at Deloitte with 1 year out of college experience. If 15 years later ACN is paying $50K at the low end……something isn’t right.

  21. Hello Asif,
    You have some great insights on your blog. Appreciate all the effort you have put in to elaborate on the hiring process and life at Accenture. I am in the final stages of hopefully of getting an offer as a Sr Mgr from Accenture in the industrial sector. I am currently a mid level mgr with 15 years of experience in large public company and starting an exec MBA. I was hoping for some insights from you on getting in at the right level and possible career paths in Accenture. Would love to have the opportunity to chat with you on these aspects.


  22. Hello,
    I am working through the process for a role that has a Senior Manager+ title. I have a few questions:
    *What does the ‘+’ mean?
    *I have read a few other blogs, and its seems common?!? to receive a signing bonus – whether cash, RSU’s or some combination of both. I am coming from a world where that doesn’t really exist – so I would like to ask you what your thoughts are on how to approach this in the negotiation process, without offending anyone for seeming too greedy.

    Thank you,
    – Charlie

    1. Charlie, I’m sorry but I have not heard of the Sr Mgr+ title. I even pinged one of my contacts at Accenture and they had not heard of it either. You didn’t specify what country you are in so maybe it is specific to your geography or job function? Maybe it refers to years “at level.” So it may indicate that you are an experienced hire and you will be given some credits coming in for having done similar work outside the firm. You will also qualify for promotion faster.

      Re signing bonus, as a Sr Mgr recruit, you will definitely get one. Depending on your qualifications/experience/salary history, it can be in the six figures. Basically, you can expect them to come to you with what would be considered a generous offer and you may be able to negotiate 10% from there. But in my experience, they have it down to a science. They know exactly what they need to give you so that you will consider it to be a fair offer.

      This is just conjecture but I think the way they do things is to match your current/prior salary and then give you 30-40% signing bonus exercisable over 3 years. So it basically translates into a 10% per year raise compared to your current pay package.

      1. Hi Asif,

        Thank you for your reply. I spoke to the recruiter about the ‘+’, and he said that its a sourcing code and has no meaning. I am in the US.

        That being said, we are discussing numbers now and during the conversation he said “Level 6” – I know someone else was discussing this with you too. It sounds just like what you described – as he said they want it to be competitively fair. I should know where it ends up in 48-hours..I will try and follow up.

        Thanks again for your feedback

      2. Good luck! I’m sure you will be happy with the offer they present you. They are experts in putting together compensation packages that are just good enough that you can’t say no ๐Ÿ™‚

        Keep us posted!

  23. Hi Asif,

    Hope you’re having a great week thus far. Quick question. Started with Accenture back in Feb and I’m still searching for my 1st project. It’s been pretty tough even to get an internal interview and I was wondering if I should be worried about my job security at this point? Not sure why they brought me on board without having me on a billable project.

    Thanks, J

    1. You need to network. If you aren’t known to senior managers and MD’s then getting staffed could be hard depending on your skillset and business unit. New joiners should focus on building their network as soon as possible. The key to success in ACN is networking in my opinion. Volunteer for BD/proposal work if you need a way to meet people, but corporate citizenship is the easiset way to to meet people.

    2. Hi J, couple things. First of all, the first quarter (Jan-Mar) is always slow. Most new projects don’t start staffing until Mar or Apr. Second, it depends on your role. An Analyst is expected to get staffed pretty quickly but a Sr Mgr has a little more flexibility. I was hired in May but couldn’t get on a project for two months. So I started doing some biz dev work and sold an engagement, which I then managed.

      As far as job security (regardless of role or level), it is imperative that you proactively look for work and make sure your career counselor and your people advisor are aware of your activities. Most important of all, network, network, network! You have to build your brand and make sure everyone knows what that is.

      Everybody at Accenture is smart, talented, hardworking, organized, etc. You need to figure out what makes you unique and make sure everyone understands that and that you can stand out in this very talented crowd.

  24. Hi Asif,

    1st of all, Great Blog. (Enjoy reading through all your informative info here)

    #1. At Accenture, can you charge all of your traveling expenses on your own personal credit card and get it reimbursed or do you have to use their corp card?

    #2. Do you get some sort of Per Diem (on meals) while your on business travel? Do they require you to provide all the receipts for these meals…etc?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    – J

    1. J,

      I, and several other colleagues, used our personal cards for day to day expenses–usually to earn reward points :-). I never had any issues doing that. A couple of exceptions where you are either required, or are strongly encouraged, to use the Corp AmEx is for airfare and rental cars. Accenture has central billing with the travel agency for airfare and insurance agreements with rental cars so I would definitely use the Corp AmEx for those two. But the rest is fine to use your personal card.

      When you are on a project, you are given a per diem. It is around $80 but depends based on where your project is and the associated cost of living in that city. You can use that money for whatever you want. No receipts required.

      In addition, depending on your project leadership and the role you are in, you may have an additional expense account to take your client out for lunch and that sort of thing.

      Hope this helps. Keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Asif, wonderful insights and explained very well. Is it possible to join ACN at MD or Sr Exe level from outside, I work as a Director in a consulting company equivalent to Infy or TCS, manage a region, product P&L and a practice. Curious if ACN is open to lateral hiring at that level. Greatly appreciate your inputs. DP

      2. DP, I can’t speak on behalf of Accenture’s hiring policies but I can share with you an example. I referred a friend to Accenture. He was a VP of IT for a major financial firm at the time. He would have been a perfect candidate for MD. They offered him a Sr Mgr position with a six figure signing bonus (stock+cash) and a position “at level” for 48 months.

        What this means is that he will get credit for being a Sr Mgr for 4 years and will be eligible to be an MD right away but he just has to come into the company at the Sr Mgr level. By the way, the Sr Mgr role is considered to be an executive role. I engaged directly with CIOs and VPs of IT at my client engagements.

        Another example. I worked with someone who spent years at Accenture but left to build a consulting practice elsewhere. He was hired back as an MD to focus on a specific line of business in which he had expertise. So it can happen but it is similar to any company hiring at a VP level. It can be done but it has to be someone the company knows and trusts and who has a stellar reputation doing the same job at another firm. Hope this helps.

    2. Great information Asif! Let me know if you are available for mentoring “older” associate mgr such as myself. I have been in Services as an experienced hire for about 7 years, but find myself at a point in my career not sure what to do to next. I got my first consistent with rating and now am wondering what potential directions I could take. I have been staffed on small projects or small teams my career and am wondering how that hinders my advancement opportunities. I have a great rapport with my CC and I have a great reputation in the local office among our MD’s. Contact me via my email if you have a few minutes to offer me some friendly advice from someone “on the other side”.

  25. Asif, thanks for sharing some helpful insights.I have a question on the Senior Manager Level 6. Someone with close to 18 years of IT experience and overall work experience of 20+ years, what would be your suggestion if offered SM Level 6 position? How does it reflect compared to the peers in the market like IBM, Deloitte or for that matter even companies like Infosys or Cognizant or TCS? Appreciate any inputs for negotiations for the levels as well as salary

    1. Victo, when you say SM Level 6, do you mean SM with 6 years “at level”? If so, that is a really good position to be in. You are required to be in the SM position for 3 years before being eligible for promotion to Managing Director. So they are bringing you in at the SM level with the expectation that you should qualify for MD very soon. I’ll be honest that, in my experience, Accenture in general is not good at assessing what level someone should come in at and they usually decide based on your current salary. What they typically do is match your current salary but give you a nice signing bonus and stock grant as incentive. When I was hired, I was brought in at Level 2 (using your parlance) and I was told that was the highest level at which they can bring someone in. But I referred a friend who was a VP of IT, and they offered him Level 4, I believe so nothing is set in stone. As far as how it compares with the other consulting firms, Accenture is pretty tightly aligned with Deloitte and PwC as far as levels go (even though the titles are different). I can’t speak for the others. Hope this helps.


      Asif Khan

      On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 5:48 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


      1. Thanks, Asif. I don’t think Level 6 means 6 years at that level at the onset. I believe, it is the lowest (in other words starting level of SM). I wasn’t sure how it maps to competitors in the Services space. Thanks for the detailed response though. I will wait to see what they have to offer as salary and other perks.

      2. OK so that is a recent change. I didn’t realize you were talking about Services. I thought you were interviewing for a Consulting role. Services follows a letter system (Level E = entry level analyst and Level A = Sr Mgr). It looks like now they are adding number levels to each letter level. So you are interviewing for a Level A6. The Managing Directors follow a similar numbering system. If you think you deserve to be at a higher band, you should bring it up during negotiations. Good luck!


        Asif Khan

  26. Hey Asif,

    You should be a full-time writer. Your blogs are engaging, easy to read (not boring), and straight to the point. Heck, they even make me laugh ๐Ÿ˜€ .

    On another note, is there any piece of advice you would give a college student looking to (someday) work in IT consulting? Maybe, career advice, what are current trends, what types of jobs to apply for, etc? Books/websites/topics anything would help.


    1. Ricardo, thank you for the nice comment! I have lots of advice but I’ll keep it somewhat brief here. Feel free to follow up with me if you want to chat further. I would say the most important thing is to start early. I spent the summer BEFORE my senior year learning how to interview, how to wear a suit and tie, perfecting my resume, etc. By the end of the Fall semester of my senior year, I had perfected my interview techniques and I had just landed my dream job…most of my classmates hadn’t even started thinking about looking for a job yet. I had the advantage of interviewing when I really didn’t have much competition. My employer gave me six months before I had to start work so I traveled and just enjoyed myself while others were competing for the overcrowded on-campus interviews in the Spring.

      Good luck to you and keep visiting the blog. I took a break for awhile but I plan to start writing again. My focus now will mostly be on career advice ๐Ÿ™‚


      Asif Khan

      On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 11:22 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


      1. Thanks for the quick reply Asif! I’m going to take you up on that offer to chat further.

        I have been paying a lot of attention to getting better at interviewing and have been able to get 2 Co-Ops (6 month internships) with some pretty awesome companies.

        I don’t want to bore you with lots of info about me so I’ll cut right to the chase. I want to learn more about the cloud and who is a better person to ask than someone with great success and experience in this field. I would like to get educated and be better prepared (technically) for future interviews.

        Please let me know what you think.

  27. Hi Asif,
    It was interesting to read your blogs as I am on my last stage of interview called a Confirm interview, which I was not told by the recruiter. I had applied for a Manager position, and already completed 1-hr, 2-situational, 1-technical, 1-case interviews. The case interview was a HireVue process and the final one so called Confirm interview will be the same process.

    Can you briefly share your knowledge/experience on the confirm interview, as to what I should be expecting. My recruiter told me that its going to be an over-all interview of the past interviews, and I jokingly asked her, is there any after that?
    As I was initially told I will be having 5 rounds since it was a manager position.

    1. Yousef, I went through the same interview process as you but I only had one situational interview whereas you had two. I guess it depends on what type of role you are applying for. My role was more technology focused so there was less emphasis on situational. The final confirm interview is definitely required. This is where you interview with a Managing Director to make sure that you are going to be a personality and cultural fit for the company. Don’t treat it as a formality though! It can be a tough interview. Mine definitely was! The interviews you completed demonstrate your professional capabilities. The final interview is to make sure that you will be successful in the role. If you make it that far, as long as you present yourself well, you should be fine. Good luck!


      Asif Khan

      On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 1:38 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  28. Hi Asif, you have a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing the details.

    My question to you is, Accenture is looking to place me as a Delivery Manager. I am currently a Senior Manager with 16 years of experience. Typically at Accenture, would the delivery manager be mapped to Senior Manager designation?

    What is the salary you can expect as an offering from Accenture?

    Say for e.g you are currently drawing a 110K (including bonus), how much max Accenture can offer?


    1. Sandy, the titles can vary in different organizations within Accenture so I can’t say for sure what a delivery manager maps to. It sounds like it is part of the Services Organization (as opposed to Consulting). This is where you are assigned to one client for long term (typically an IT outsource engagement). If so, they don’t use Sr Mgr, Mgr, Consultant, Analyst. They use Level A-D. You need to ask them what Level you are being considered for. Level A is equivalent to Sr Mgr. Level D is equivalent to Analyst. Level A is what you want. As far as compensation, it depends on where you live/work but in general, they tend to offer you approximately what you are currently making but will also offer you a nice signing bonus and a stock grant.

      You won’t get rich working at Accenture (unless you are promoted to Managing Director and stay for at least five years) but the experience will boost your career regardless of what you choose to do long term. Good luck.


      Asif Khan

      On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 9:12 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  29. Hi,

    I really liked your blog and it is helpful especially for those who are expecting to be hired by Accenture..

    I have 10.5 years of IT experience (all relevant exp) …What would be appropriate level for me in Accenture (Manager OR Senior Manager) ? How much base salary I should ask for during interview ? ( currently undergoing recruitment process)…


    1. Tejas, I have to admit that, in my experience, Accenture doesn’t do a very good job of bringing in people at the right level. It seems as though they place you based on how much money you currently make. So it is up to you to demonstrate that you are qualified for the level you prefer. Read through some of my other posts to get an idea of what the different roles are like. If you feel that you are qualified to be a Sr Manager, then you should campaign for it.

      As far as starting salary, they do a pretty good job of offering you a package that pretty closely matches what you currently earn and then offer you a generous stock grant and signing bonus to sweeten the pot. Hope this helps.


      Asif Khan

      On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 9:11 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


      1. Thanks Asif…

        I have applied for a position which says “Senior Manager+” in it.. So I would assume that I am being mapped to the same.

        By the way, is signing bonus common part of the total compensation and provided to everybody who joins to Accenture OR is it specific to some candidates to fll the salary expectation gap ?
        How much is usual signing bonus ( range or % ) ?

      2. I don’t think everyone gets a bonus. It really depends on the gap between your current and proposed salary and your willingness to negotiate. For example, let’s say you currently make $120K. They might offer you $100K and then give you a $30K signing bonus and $30K worth of stock grants exercisable over 3 years. So if you amortize this amount over 3 years, they just matched your current salary. Plus you will get a performance bonus so you should make more than $120K per year. Make sense?


        Asif Khan

        On Sun, Aug 17, 2014 at 4:12 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  30. Hello Asif,
    I am currently pursuing an opportunity with Accenture. I had few questions.

    Do they provide sign in bonus for experience candidates? My total exp is 9 yr with 4 yr at management level.

    What kind of stock option package if any we can negotiate with the offer?

    1. It depends on what level you are hired at. The benefits overall improve considerably once you get to Manager level. If you are hired as a Manager or Sr Manager, you can expect a signing bonus equal to about 10-20% of your first year pay. Of course this depends on a lot of factors. For me, I got a large bonus because I had a higher than average income from my previous job so they needed to compensate for that.

      Also, at the manager level or higher, you can expect a stock award. It is not stock options but rather, stock grants (Restricted Stock Units or RSUs). RSUs are far superior to stock grants because there is no strike price…you get the entire value of the shares upon your vesting period (stock usually vests every 12 months over a 3 year period).


      Asif Khan

      On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 12:33 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  31. You have an excellent blog and I do enjoy reading your articles. Please keep up the good job. I’m a current Accenture employee and would be interested in an article that describes the transition from a consultant to a manager level : both role wise and compensation wise. Thanks

    1. I covered compensation in this post. As far as the role, your career counselor will help you identify consultant roles where you manage other resources (usually analysts). To make the leap to manager, you need to demonstrate that you can do the role so you will need to be assigned roles where you are managing other resources.


      Asif Khan

      On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 8:21 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  32. Asif
    I would like to echo others’ comments on the wonderful insight you are providing us on Accenture.

    I am looking for a Manager position at Accenture Technology division (SAP Consulting). I have about 10 years of experience in a combination of top consulting company and end user company implementing SAP solutions. I have the following 2 questions for you!

    1) I live in a state where Accenture does not have an office. Will Accenture expect me to relocate to a different location? And if so, will Accenture offer relocation package?

    2) I read somewhere that Accenture internally categorizes Managers as M1, M2 & M3 levels and the compensation for a hire is based on the categorization. Is that accurate?


    1. Gus, thanks for visiting the blog. You probably won’t have to relocate. There is a rule that says you have to live within 150 miles of an Accenture office but there are offices everywhere. I live in San Diego and the local office is a Federal Government office. You need a security clearance to get past the lobby, which I don’t have. I literally was not allowed to set foot inside my home office. Eventually, they transferred me to the LA office which was about 100 miles away. I was assigned to that office but I never set foot inside that office. As my career counselor put it: “I don’t care where you live as long as you are close to an airport!”

      When you are hired as a Manager or Senior Manager, you are hired “at level.” So, for example, I was hired as a Senior Manager with two years “at level” which means that I was hired with two years of seniority at my level. This meant that I was eligible for candidacy to Managing Director within 1-3 years. If the terminology has changed from “at level” to M1, M2, etc, I was not aware of it. But the concept is still the same. Good luck and let us know if you join. It’s a great company to work for!


      Asif Khan

      On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 7:48 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


      1. Interesting…I am having issues with a recruiter questioning my distance to the nearest office. I am 108 miles away and am being told that it is outside the 100 limit so cannot move forward in the process…any advice?

      2. My advice…tell them you actually are within 100 miles from the local office. The 108 is based on a longer route (blame it on Google Maps!). This requirement sounds silly but is a corporate requirement. In my entire tenure at Accenture, I went into my local office once. The San Diego office is a Federal Accounts office and you have to have government security clearance to get past the lobby! I was denied entry. So I never went there again. Eventually, they transferred me to the local office in LA which was just over 100 miles from my home in San Diego. When they asked me if I was within 100 miles, I said yes. I never went to the office and no one ever verified it or asked me again.

      3. Asif, could really use some advice here. Moved through all of the interviews but was just told that the exception to allow me to be outside 100 miles (108) was denied….hard to believe company will pass on based on this alone. Any advice?

      4. Arun, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you ask them if they would definitely make you an offer if you relocated to within 100 miles? If so, is that an option for you? If not, that may indicate that this is a convenient excuse. Keep us posted.

  33. Hi,
    Thanks for this post ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m a fresh university graduate and had an opportunity to intern with Accenture over summer in its technology consulting team.
    I understand that there has been a reorganization in the company with Accenture Strategy, Digital, Technology and Operation taking over from the traditional Management consulting, technology consulting and solutions mix.
    How does technology consulting as a business division now fit into this new environment?

    1. Boooinky, I’m sorry but I don’t have much detail on the latest restructuring. I do know that Accenture is always changing its structure to better meet the needs of the market and its clients. If you are looking for a position with Accenture upon graduation, I wouldn’t worry too much about the organizational structure. Just get the offer. Once you are in the position, you will have plenty of opportunities to find projects that will interest you and you can define what your career track will evolve into. The only thing that is constant at Accenture is change. Good luck to you and enjoy the ride!


      Asif Khan

      On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 11:17 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


  34. I have just completed my closing interview. I have read that HR calls almost immediately after the interview if the outcome is positive. If I do not hear from them within the day, do I take it that I did not make it? I have to get back to another company concerning their offer on monday.

  35. I don’t have a degree, don’t mention one on my resume or Linkedin Profile, but have made it through to the Managing Director interview for a Sr. Manager position. Have you ever seen Accenture hire experienced, intelligent, non-degree holders?

    1. Josh, I referred a good friend of mine to my Accenture recruiter about two years ago. He had completed all but his last semester of college. My recruiter said unless he was an exceptional candidate, he wouldn’t even be considered for an initial screening. To get an exception, we had to get signed approval from a Managing Director. My friend decided to look elsewhere instead. Accenture’s loss.

      You may be an exceptional candidate with a very specific set of skills they are looking for and they may have waived the degree requirement. Or they may have just overlooked it during the screening process. Or, I don’t know what country you are in so maybe it is not a requirement where you live.

      Here’s what I would do. First, get the written offer. Then you will be required to fill out an application and they will start the background check. I assume at this point, if it was an oversight, then you need to have a discussion. It was their responsibility to inform you. But chances are, they may decide that they have come this far and that they will get an MD to approve the exception. If you are an exceptional candidate, then congratulations to you. I wish I was as smart as you ๐Ÿ™‚

      On another note, I think the degree requirement is an anachronism. Degrees are largely irrelevant in today’s job market. Specific skills, experience and personality are much better indicators of success. So I hope you get the job and I hope Accenture relaxes or eliminates this rule when they realize what incredible talent they have been missing out on. Best of luck to you and keep us updated. There is a large community that we have built here and readers have been helping each other out. Peace. Out.


      Asif Khan

      On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 12:35 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


    2. Josh did you get the job? Did they waive the degree req? Been a while since you posted but would lovebto know how it turned out.

  36. Thank you so much for writing this. I would love to see a blog post about what people do after Accenture. What are the target jobs people at the Sr Manager level go for. You offer good knowledge into the company. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for reading. That is a pretty good idea for a blog post (“Life After Accenture”). Let me think about it and see if I can put something interesting together.


      Asif Khan

      On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 8:38 PM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


      1. Hi,
        I have to admit I also liked to read your experience within the accenture world. Thanks for sharing.
        I have been in the company for past three years and I have to admit that I still like it a lot. Writing about your experience after you left the company and joined your new employer would be really interesting. Especially the differences/ benefits ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. Tom, I have heard from several Accenture associates who told me they read this blog. Great to hear! I like your suggestion about life after Accenture. I do plan to write some posts on that topic. You have convinced me to do it now. Thanks!


        Asif Khan

        On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 8:30 AM, The Vaporware Blog wrote:


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